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Our Story

Our story begins back in 1960 when Takis Galanos saw the opportunity to grow Kalamon variety olive trees in Kato Lechonia, Pelion. More of a lifestyle choice and less of a business one, living within an olive grove helped him to 'live-and-breathe' his trees, developing great sense for the product.

Situated on the foothills of mount Pelion, the 15-acre olive grove comprise more than 1,200 Kalamon variety olive trees.

To this day and two generations on, our family prides itself on producing premium Kalamon variety olives from the very same soil. Using a meticulous process from start-to-finish, and boasting over 60 years of experience, we ensure the delivery of premium product to market maintaining the highest quality standards. 

The Region

Kato Lechonia is situated on the foothills of Mount Pelion, facing the Pagasetic Gulf.


A agricultural-intensive region, Kato Lechonia benefits from favorable climatic conditions and an aquifer setting rich in water and minerals coming down from the mountain. This is the very reason the highly-demanding Kalamon variety olive trees have managed to grow successfully for more than a century in the area.

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